Residential • Life Safety

Residential projects require special care because the ultimate end users will experience these spaces in a very personal way. Quality is paramount. Systems are expected to function flawlessly over the long term.

Our decades of experience in multi-unit residential buildings and hotels, including high-rise structures, make Taylor Electric the right choice. Our project managers and electricians are adept at working in tight spaces, while sticking to strict timetables and meeting budgetary obligations. We mobilize quickly, preassemble materials where prudent, install the electrical support systems, and create the right lighting effects in every room. We regularly work in condominium and apartment living spaces, short- and long-term stay hotel rooms, kitchen and dining areas, restaurants, meeting and activity rooms, and similar spaces.

Taylor Electric also installs up-to-code fire alarm and life-safety systems so property owners can provide needed protection to residents and guests of their facilities.